ICF is Armageddon Proof

what is ICF?

There is nothing in the world like building with ICF. This innovative building material is basically like playing with huge Lego. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are made of blocks of polystyrene insulating foam with a 6″ or 8″ space in between in which to set horizontal and vertical rebar and pour a solid concrete wall. The rebar reinforced concrete core wall is insulated from the outside and inside by the 2.75 inches of rigid foam insulation creating an incredibly strong, energy efficient and quiet building without equal. ICF is proven to be a superior building method that is;

  • Fire, Tornado, Hurricane Proof
  • 58% more Energy Efficient
  • 96% more Quiet & Private


Why Choose Our ICF

For the past 20 years we have been at the forefront of the ICF industry as we built extensively with every brand of ICF on the market. Our Armageddon ICF was designed out of that vast field experience to be the very best ICF on the market.

We supply, sell and ship ICF anywhere in the world. You will find our Armageddon ICF to be superior in absolutely every aspect including;

  • Efficient & Easy to Use
  • Fully reversible straight and corner blocks
  • Longer corner blocks to prevent twisting and blowouts
  • Horizontal and vertical grid lines for easy cutting and cutting.

Our ICF comes in both 6″ and 8″ center width cores. Outside block height is 16″. Straight block length is 48″. Outside block width is 11.5″ for a 6″ core and 13.25″ for an 8″ core. Our insulation is 2.75″ thick inside and 2.75″ thick outside for a total of 5.5″ insulation with an R-24 value. We have Straights, Corners, 45*Angles, T’s, Taper Tops, Flat Tops, End Caps and 4″ or 8″ or 12″ Height Adjusters. We will do an entire takeoff as to what you will need. See illustrations below.